You might not already be aware that every single member of staff at 100% Effective is trained to at least Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt level. We strongly believe in the importance of continuous improvement, and try to give our staff the tools to improve too.

You may remember some earlier articles in which we looked at the Lean tools used by other members of our team. Now it’s the turn of our Lead Developer, Gemma.

Lean tool of choice: Brainstorming

“I use instructional, creative and technical aspects when designing our online courses. This is a delicate balancing act. If you add too much of one thing, it can overpower another and ruin the overall product. This is why brainstorming is a useful tool in the pre-production phase of a project.

Brainstorming helps me to learn more about the client, their business, and the employees. From those initial ‘nodes’, ideas for interactive activities, assessment tools, and user interface or experience elements begin to form. The result of the exercise is a refined project brief that covers all needs, wants and expectations of a bespoke project.

It may seem odd to use a tool as simple as brainstorming, but simplicity can be the driving force behind the best ideas! Brainstorming allows the recording of all ideas as they come. There are no bad ideas. Anything goes, and even the most outlandish ideas can be adjusted into workable solutions. As a consequence, these often become the most challenging yet fun courses to create!”

Online Yellow Belt.