R&D webinar

Our new webinar exploring Lean Six Sigma in Research and Development is taking place on October 8th. This 30-minute session will outline how Lean Six Sigma can help anyone working in research and development.
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The session will explore:

  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
  • How Lean Six Sigma in R&D can
    • Reduce time to market
    • Reduce the cost of innovation
    • Create more time for innovation
  • Using data to enhance R&D processes
  • A short Q&A to address specific queries

Professionals working in R&D use data every day to make decisions, but rarely use it to improve their internal processes. This session a is a game-changer!

Send us your questions in advance using the hashtag#100pcbizchat and we’ll guarantee to answer them in the session.

There are limited places available, so to avoid disappointment click here to book now.