John Wellwood, managing director at 100% Effective, explains why everyone – every single employee – needs to know about business improvement.

Engage and inform

In most businesses only a fraction of employees are actively looking for problems in how the organisation is run and thinking of ways to improve it. Getting everyone on board with business improvement would give an organisation infinitely more opportunity to improve and the scope to identify problems previously not considered.

The reason most employees fail to look can be down to motivation, lack of time or failure to measure, but more often it is a lack of knowledge. If people don’t know what to look for, how can they find it?

The four fundamentals

John explains that everyone should be trained in the four fundamentals so they understand how to look for potential business improvements. These core ideas are:

  • Cutting waste
  • Reducing variation
  • Introducing standardisation
  • Eliminating risks

With everyone looking to make things better, businesses should benefit from improved customer service, more satisfied staff and enhanced quality. So how can you get all of this from a short and simple training session?

Watch the video to find out.