When you decide you’d like to take some Lean Six Sigma training to improve your career development or enhance your performance of your job, you would expect to do a lot of research into the various training options. You will look into classroom against online, weigh up the benefits of one course against another and then really research the company behind your favoured course.

However, in many cases, this is where the work stops. You take your research to your boss, expecting a positive result and it doesn’t work. So it’s back to the drawing-board.

The key thing to remember when you’d like to take training through your company, is that you’re putting together a business case for this course rather than just explaining why it’s a great option for you personally. While the personal development of staff is important to all businesses, nothing gets attention like an explanation of how failure to do this training will cost them money. In our new infographic we explore the five steps you need to take to get your Lean Six Sigma training signed off in no time.

How to get your Lean Six Sigma training approved

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