All businesses need to have fully qualified, inducted and trained employees to continually improve the quality of the service and products they offer. Providing learning and professional development opportunities for employees keeps them motivated, up-to-date and knowledgeable, providing the best service for your customers. However, it can also be expensive, especially when some training is a legal requirement.

So, how can you provide opportunities for your employees without escalating costs?

ELearning is a great way to provide bespoke training and development. Here are three ways that eLearning can reduce your learning and development costs and benefit your business.

  1. No need for a ‘training day’

One of the common complaints about training for staff is that it takes time away from their busy roles and responsibilities. Staff always have urgent business to attend to, which can lead to learning and development going to the bottom of the to-do list. This can be compounded by employees working different hours, so scheduling training to suit everyone is difficult.

elearning on your own time

Online eLearning allows businesses to invite their employees to participate in a learning and development activity, without a specified date and time. The learning can be done when it is convenient for the employee, and it is up to them to decide when they would feel most engaged. Employees can work at their own pace, and even complete the training in multiple parts if they have very limited time.

Online training courses are usually provided in bitesize chunks of 30 minutes to an hour, so employees are not required to take a day away from the office. This prevents any interruption to your customer service and takes the needs of your employees into account.

  1. Train thousands of employees for a fraction of the cost

If you have a small business, investing in essential training for ten members of staff may seem manageable. However, once you factor in staff turnover or an expanding business, which means new employees, the cost can quickly creep up.

With eLearning you avoid the need for a potentially expensive trainer to visit your business each time you gain new employees, and in some cases you may already have the resources you need.

You can train an unlimited number of employees, no matter how large your business grows. ELearning resources can be updated and customised to fit in with the ever-changing nature of your business, brand, and any legislative changes. Investing in eLearning could save your business thousands of pounds.

  1. Customised learning experiences for every employee

Excellent eLearning should provide each employee with a customised learning experience, dependent on their previous knowledge of a subject, the last time they completed some training on the subject, and what they need to know dependent on their role. In a traditional training session, this would be difficult when all employees are expected to attend as a group.

Don’t waste your staff’s time with information that they already know when they could be more productive with something that has been tailored to their requirements. Your employees will thank you when they feel like their learning and development opportunities are customised to their needs, and develop them professionally as an individual.

In summary, eLearning is a great way to save time and money on your employee’s learning and development needs, without reducing the quality of their learning experience. In fact, a fully customised learning experience provided by eLearning of an exceptional standard will fully engage your employees, at a time and place to suit them and the needs of the business.

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