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All of our courses are available for in-house training. Below is a selection of courses.

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Online Green Belt training course
Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt upgrade
Online Lean 8 Wastes training course
Online Process Mapping course
eLearning Kaizen training course
Online Yellow Belt training course
Online Lean Problem Solving training courses
Facilitation of Effective meetings online training
Minitab training courses
Visual Management eLearning training course
Online Black Belt training courses
eLearning Black Belt intensive training course
Champion Belt training courses
Mistake Proofing online training course
Consultant training courses

Benefits of choosing in-house

More cost-effective

Bringing our Master Black Belt to you ensures your most valuable asset – your employees – are not away from their desk for any longer than they have to be. In-house training is a more efficient use of time and our incorporated online modules ensure lessons are not limited to the pace of the slowest learner.

Better return on investment

Our training focuses on the practical application of learning and shuns the traditional lecture-style experience. For this reason, delegates start to apply their learning from day one. The training is therefore more effective and productive, allowing faster and higher returns for the company.

Tailor-made training

When we deliver an in-house course for you, we can tailor the content, lessons and duration to help you address specific issues you’re facing in your company or industry. The training takes in mind your own internal culture and delivers a unique course to meet your exact requirements.

Progress and Business Improvement tracker

We’ve developed an online portal that lets you track the progress of delegates as they complete their eLearning and approach projects. It gives clear, tangible figures to illustrate the results achieved.

More consistency

Large companies with employees around the world can find consistency a challenge. Our bespoke in-house courses ensure your Lean Six Sigma teams share a common approach and work together to drive Business Improvement.

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