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About eLearning development

If you’re considering eLearning for your team, why not create your own course? At 100% Effective we have a team of eLearning developers, designers and writers that create all of our own eLearning courses completely in-house. So, if you want your online training to stand out from the crowd, we can help.

  • White-labelling our library of courses for your LMS
  • Converting your existing materials into eLearning
  • Designing and developing an idea from scratch
  • If you have an idea for eLearning, get in touch
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At 100% Effective, we create absorbing and engaging eLearning to ensure long-term Business Improvement. View our 2 minute demonstration on the left of this page.

Our online training courses are designed in-house by our team of subject matter experts and eLearning developers. Using the latest innovations in eLearning, we offer high-quality, engaging and effective distance learning.

Multi-platform optimised courses

All of our online training is optimised for use on a range of devices and platforms to ensure your learning experience is as smooth as possible.

Our interactive and engaging eLearning can be used on desktops, laptops and tablet devices so you can learn in the way you feel most comfortable. Plus, you can also use a range of operating systems for Windows, iOS and Android devices. Many of our courses also come with downloadable content and exercises so you don’t have to be tied to the screen.

Interactive exercises

There’s nothing more demotivating for learners than getting started with an online course to find it’s death by (badly) narrated PowerPoint. Or, worse still, simply a video of a historic classroom course!

At 100% Effective, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and our market-leading eLearning. We made courses that are fully interactive, include games and exercises and take learners on a journey. They ensure the act of learning is active, not passive as it has been historically.

Interactive exercises help you learn more, and ensure you remember what you’ve learned for longer.

Audio and video

All of our online courses, and any we create in-house, come with a British English voiceover. You can listen to a selection of our pre-approved voice-over artists below. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own.

We also have the capability to create video content for your bespoke training too! We can come to your place of work and create unique video content to give your eLearning a personal edge. We’ve successfully created introductions, simulations and case studies in the past.

Our voice-over artists (60 second example)

eLearning recording audio
eLearning development

LMS development

Most companies host their online courses for staff on a Learning Management System (LMS). However, if you don’t have your own LMS, it doesn’t mean you can’t have bespoke eLearning for your team.

We have the technical skills to create and design an LMS especially for you. It would contain your branding and be completely personalised to your needs. You can use your LMS to host any number of our courses and track your employees’ progress. Plus, we can even host and maintain it for you!

What our clients say about us

100% Effective have made the implementation of their content incredibly easy for us. The capability of their team really shines through when dealing with technical challenges.

Lead iLearn Developer
Jack S
Travis Perkins